INFO: Komplette Sammlung abzugeben!

Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen muss ich die komplette Sammlung abgeben. Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie mich bitte über (29.7.2015)!




Hello English speaking friends,

my name is Heinz-Otto Cordes (HOC) and I'm a real fan of collecting music singles from the 50s to the 70s. My collection, with a lot of Oldies and well-known Evergreens is actually about 12,500 discs. The ones I have twice are offered here for exchange or to sell (about 3,500).

If you want to know anything about their condition or the price, please contact me through my ”Kontaktformular“ (contact form)

I'm very interested in Jukeboxes and other assesories from this era.

To help you a bit through my German website I give you the most important explanations.

”Tausch“ means: List of my singles (7 inch) which I have at least twice and which are for exchange or to sell.

”Sammlung“ means: That is the whole collection of singles I have.

Are you interested in one of my singles, please contact me. My daughter will translate your mails for me.

Heinz-Otto Cordes